Following the release of its highly-anticipated next-gen update for The Witcher 3, developer CD Projekt RED has addressed common issues facing players, even offering some potential short-term fixes.

On the game's official forum page (opens in a new tab), CD Projekt RED has addressed known issues with the recent next-gen update for The Witcher 3 (opens in a new tab) on PS5 and PC. These include outdated drivers causing the game to crash, fixes for broken mods, poor tracking on PCs with Intel GPUs, and PS5 versions of DLC expansions not being available in some regions.

In addition to acknowledging that some of these issues are still pending, the developer has shared tips that can help fix others, with suggestions like updating drivers to avoid crashes and restarting the game, or going back to a previous version of the game, to be able to choose your beloved mods, even though that would mean playing an unsupported and outdated edition of The Witcher 3.

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For a game approaching its eighth anniversary, The Witcher 3 looks pretty incredible for its age. In the award-winning role-playing game, you play as the swordsman monster hunter Geralt of Rivia; laconic, abrupt and not quite human. He thinks Agent 47 from Hitman 3, but instead of being hired to kill humans, you mainly feed on bloodthirsty beasts that threaten the lives of the townspeople.

The next generation update for The Witcher 3 improves the game to update it on more powerful consoles, such as PS5 and Xbox Series X│S. We already knew that brand new content, with all those technical graphic tweaks, could come at a hefty cost, especially if you're already playing a modded version of the game. Still, it looks like PS5 and PC gamers, in particular, are suffering from more annoying growing pains.

The CD Projekt RED forum post lists existing issues that players are experiencing. As mentioned above, the developer suggests updating your drivers (opens in a new tab) for the best experience and to avoid frustrating crashes. However, you can report the problem (opens in a new tab) if it persists, even with the latest drivers installed.

It also details that there will be two versions of the game available for people who are having trouble getting it to work, or if they really miss their mods.

Naturally, with so many reworked and rewritten assets, updates to modified scripts in particular will cause some of them to break. If the promise of less junk loot isn't enough to tempt you to swap your own mods for the ones included in the update, the developer has a solution for you.

One of the two versions of the game available, the DirectX 11 version, "does not have Ray Tracing support and lacks some of the general graphical improvements introduced in the free next-gen update," the forum post reads. This will work as a fix for "players with less powerful hardware experiencing performance issues" and will allow you to run The Witcher 3 "with mods that are no longer supported by the game."

However, for those who can't get rid of their mods, but want to see The Witcher 3's next-gen update, the post suggests starting a new game entirely.

While these fixes may help some, CD Projekt Red is currently investigating the issues further. So if you are looking for a more permanent and reliable solution, we suggest you wait until it is implemented.

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