El desarrollador de Battlefield 2042 se basara en juegos anteriores

Battlefield 2042 developer DICE seems to be learning the “If it ain't broke, don't fix it” lesson a bit late. After making tons of changes to the series formula with last year's shooter, the team has spent this entire year not only fixing the game, but also making it more similar to the older games. .

"In Battlefield 2042 Season 5, you're going to see us take a look at previous games and how they might appear in the world of 2042," senior producer Ryan MacArthur said in a roadmap blog post (opens in a new pestaña).

Season 4 will launch in late December 2022, while Season 5 will usher in the new year in early 2023. According to DICE, it will see "a mix of veteran developers alongside those working on their first game breathing new life." to [into Battlefield 2042].”

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A key part of this is the return of classes, a classic series feature that was removed with Battlefield 2042 and replaced with specialists: characters with unique abilities that didn't fit class roles. With the 3.2 update, DICE assigns all current specialists "defined roles with a set of gadgets and equipment best suited to their purpose on the battlefield," MacArthur writes.

Another Specialist is coming with Season 4, and DICE plans to add it to the Recon class. “With back to school and our roster of 14 in total, we're pleased with the number of specialists and the variety of gameplay that they will allow you to discover.

So our focus will continue to listen to your feedback to expand the arena in other ways by making design and balance changes for your class-based combat, while continuing to develop the skins and cosmetics to give you more ways to stand in the sandbox. battlefield. ”

In addition to the final Specialist, the upcoming update brings a new map that MacArthur describes as "smaller, shorter, and more linear designed for the melee combat that Battlefield is famous for."

While MacArthur is keeping the details of Season 5 clear, he says that "the new map for Season 5 will be a forgotten battlefield that last saw combat in the Battlefield 4 era. An area covered in brush and the war of 2042. Will encourage a mix of vehicular and infantry combat. , which means that team play is key to victory.

We can expect that in 2023.

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