Whether at home, at work or playing outside, access to a reliable source of electricity has never been more important. Today, people rely on their smartphones, computers, and other connected devices to keep their lives on track. But reliable power anywhere is just as vital for cooling food, cooking, and many other electrical tasks.

EcoFlow (opens in a new tab) is renowned for the range and affordability of its portable power plants. Now, for a limited time, the company is offering deep discounts on its most popular electrical products. Here's the breakdown of what's currently on sale and where it can be found online.

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SAVE €100 – EcoFlow RIVER Pro (portable power for extended vacations)

Need power for an extended outdoor adventure (or even more backup for home or office electrical appliances)?

Then head out into the wild with a whopping 720 Wh battery capacity, courtesy of the EcoFlow RIVER Pro Portable Power Station.

Now available for €549 (MSRP €649), RIVER Pro is the power you need for long adventures off the grid.

It can keep up to 10 devices powered on at once, while charging in record time via car (in 8 hours), solar power (4-8 hours), or standard AC outlets (in 96 minutes).

The RIVER Pro is now on sale at EcoFlow and Amazon (opens in a new tab).

A photo of the EcoFlow RIVER Max portable power plant

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SAVE €100 – EcoFlow RIVER Max (portable power for weekend getaways)

If you need portable power for a weekend getaway (or backup power for home or work), consider purchasing the EcoFlow RIVER Max Portable Power Station.

At €449 – €100 off its €549 MSRP – RIVER Max has doubled the capacity of EcoFlow RIVER to keep all your devices powered up during any weekend getaway.

With an additional removable battery, RIVER Max offers up to 576 Wh of energy storage capacity that can be fully recharged in 1,6 hours, which is the fastest on the market. You can even power up to 10 devices simultaneously.

You can buy it directly from EcoFlow or Amazon - opens in a new tab.

An EcoFlow DELTA solar panel and portable power station

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SAVE €700 – EcoFlow DELTA+ 160W solar panel: your complete off-grid power system

EcoFlow 160W solar panel has a high conversion efficiency of 21-22%, to make the most of free solar energy.

Combine that with the EcoFlow DELTA Portable Power Station, which has a capacity of 1260Wh and comes with six 1800W AC outlets, and you have a significant source of renewable and rechargeable power.

Even better, this dynamic duo is now priced at €1599, which is €700 less than its paired €2299 MRSP. (Depending on cloudy conditions, the 160W solar panel can completely replace the DELTA in 10,5 to 21 hours).

Find this pair on EcoFlow or Amazon - opens in a new tab.

Photo of a 160 watt EcoFlow solar panel

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SAVE €120 – 160W EcoFlow Solar Panel

The 160W EcoFlow Solar Panel is designed to produce maximum power at any time of day when combined with an EcoFlow Portable Power Station. It's on sale for $329, which is $120 off its MSRP of $449.

This solar panel has a high conversion efficiency of 21-22% and can fully charge a RIVER Pro in 6-12 hours.

It is portable, foldable and compact, weighing only 15,4 lbs/7 kg. Find it now at EcoFlow or Amazon(Opens in a new tab).

Learn more about EcoFlow: https://ecoflow.com/ (opens in a new tab)

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