Dying Light 2 is over 40% off in this Prime Day game deal

Dying Light 2 is over 40% off in this Prime Day game deal

Since its release in February, Dying Light 2 has stayed the course with its price, with no real discount for the open-world zombie-parkour-athon, but Amazon Prime Day has broken that streak.

As part of the bounty of this year's Prime Day deals, Amazon has slashed the price of Techland's survival horror, meaning those who've been waiting to get their hands on Dying Light 2 can do so now at a discount. decent.

This Prime Day game deal sees the standard edition on PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S has been reduced from €59,99 to €34,99 in the US and €29,99 in the UK, while the Deluxe Edition on PS4 and Xbox Series X | S dropped from $79.99 to $54.99 in the US (Not in the US or UK? Scroll down for deals in your area.)

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(*2*)Today's best Dying Light 2 Prime Day deals (US)

Today's best Dying Light 2 Prime Day deals (UK)

While the US Deluxe Edition bundle doesn't offer as big a savings as the Standard Edition bundle, it does come with a ton of skins, including some exclusive ones, and access to the first-ever DLC, which is supposed to which will be released. in September. .

Despite some rough edges, Dying Light 2 is a delightful sandbox to play through, with the same parkour and exploration that marked the best parts of the original. Given the initial bugs and questionable graphics quality, I was one of many who sat idly by on Dying Light 2 despite taking a considerable amount of time on the first one.

But with significant price drops on the standard edition, this is a place I'd go in and pick up a copy for myself. If you've been in the same position, now is a good time to take yours.

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