Blizzard is offering beta access to dedicated Diablo 4 fans who get permanent tattoos.

Ahead of Diablo 4's release next year, the publisher is offering free Diablo-inspired tattoos as part of its Hell's Ink promotional campaign. The event now runs through September 10 and offers winners of a closed social media contest the chance to receive free custom skins (thanks PCGamesN).

Anyone who missed out on this competition can still get in on the action, thanks to a selection of pre-designed small flash tattoos. Find event locations and tour dates below.

As shared by Blizzard on Twitter (opens in a new tab), those who got tattooed during the promotion's first stop in Los Angeles received a few extra goodies on top of that. Participants received a card promising access to the upcoming Diablo 4 beta and a free digital copy of the game.

"Each Diablo Hell's Ink Takeover event will feature some of the world's best tattoo artists creating custom Diablo-inspired tattoos with their own unique art style, for some of the biggest Diablo fans in the world," Blizzard said on the page. campaign announcement. . (opens in a new tab).

A pact with the devil(*4*)

Una selección de tatuajes de Diablo 4

(Image credit: Blizzard)

Permanently marking your skin just to pocket a free video game can seem pretty drastic. But when it comes to promotional tattoos, the ones Blizzard has here aren't too bad. In Los Angeles, fans were given a selection of symbols and insignias to choose from, all of which seemed pretty small and innocuous. If you are a die-hard fan of Diablo and still thinking about getting a themed tattoo, this is your golden moment.

However, not all fans of the series will want to commit to an indelible image of Diablo, and fewer are likely to be ready after the poor reception of Diablo Immortal. As a result of this game's aggressive microtransactions punishing free-to-play players, popular perception of the series has soured. At least we know that Diablo 4 will not share its monetization system.

The promotion is not available everywhere. While it kicked off in Los Angeles on July 16, it's headed to other US cities before jumping into the pond to the UK, Germany, and eventually Australia. It stops at each location for a single day. To get a free flash tattoo, go to the right studio on the appropriate day and wait in line. All inks will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Check out the cities with free hellish tattoos below.

  • Chicago – July 23, Mayday Tattoo Co.
  • New York – July 30, New York inked
  • Miami – August 6, tattoos all the way
  • London – August 13, Noir Ink Studio
  • Berlin – August 18, Das Kabinett Studio
  • Melbourne – September 3, Oculus Tattoo
  • Sydney – September 10, Little Tokyo Tattoo

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