Devolver Digital has made a name for itself in recent years with satirical E3-style press conferences, and it won't be breaking tradition in 2022.

In making the announcement today, Devolver Digital joins an increasingly busy roster this month, which kicked off yesterday with Sony's State of Play conference. Releasing a teaser video titled "Return Marketing Countdown to Marketing," you can see No More Heroes creator Goichi "Suda51" Suda make a brief appearance.

On June 9, the Devolver exhibit will launch at 3:00pm PST / 6:00pm EST / 11:00pm BST. This comes several hours after Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest presentation on the same day, for which Devolver Digital was previously announced as associate publisher.

You can check out this teaser video below, but please note; comes with adult humor and strong language.

June would not be without Return

Devolver Digital has been a staple of the June gaming calendar since E3 2017. Making a name for itself from conferences that continually lampoon the standard showcase format, the 2022 event feels more irreverent than ever. E3 2022 could be canceled but, like many other big publishers, that hasn't stopped them from going ahead with a showcase in June.

Beyond that, expect to see a pretty full schedule over the next couple of weeks. We've got the Future Games Show (Opens in a new tab), another Xbox and Bethesda showcase, while the PC Gaming Show (Opens in a new tab) is back once again. These are also accompanied by many smaller events, such as Wholesome Games (opens in a new tab).

Otherwise, the only major publisher we're still waiting for is Nintendo. As it stands, we still haven't had confirmation that the traditional June Nintendo Direct is happening. That said, Nintendo usually announces these presentations with minimal notice, so it's likely that we'll know more next week.

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