The search for high-end audio systems on similarly auspicious transport vessels often results in tantalizing partnerships – look at Maserati and Sonus Faber or Mercedes and Burmester for starters.

But as ambitious as they are, the audio systems in these vehicles aren't destined to take off en masse (not yet, anyway) and they don't have to thwart the powerful jet engines that all planes are equipped with.

However, French luxury audio specialist Devialet does not seem discouraged. The manufacturer Devialet Dione has teamed up with Safran, an international high-tech group that operates in the field of aeronautics (propulsion, equipment and interiors), to gain height... and directly in the seats of our planes.

The result of this collaboration is Euphony, a headset-free sound solution for luxury aircraft seats that promises a "high-quality, individual sound experience."

Safran explains that Devialet's world-class engineering team used proprietary acoustic technologies for the two speakers built into the anatomy of the seat itself, allowing First Class and Business Class passengers (you never travel by coach, do you? ) -Experience sound of flight without the hassle of headphones and cables.

The seats will start to appear in 2023 in Safran's business class and first class seating portfolio, and as one of the world's leading manufacturers of aircraft seats for crew and passengers (the 1 million seat aircraft manufactured by Safran Seats are currently in service around the world) there's a good chance you'll at least be able to see it on a flight soon, even if you can't sit there.

Analysis: Can In-Seat Speakers Beat Jet Engine Noise?

Euphony airplane seat by Devialet and Safran - We don't think speakers shine in real life... (Image credit: Devialet, Safran)

Bose, as you probably know, is credited with creating active noise-canceling headphones to help pilots land planes, way back in the late '70s. And nowhere is a set of noise-canceling cans more useful and effective. of noise than on a flight, or anywhere with a constant low level. level out extraneous noises.

I find it hard to see how the best noise-canceling headphones can be beaten by an in-seat speaker solution, even if they come from a big brand like Devialet.

While I'd love to try it out (and the glass of bubbles when it arrives, too, thanks), I'll keep my Sony WH-1000XM5 close by for takeoff and movies.

With no more communication barriers between other travelers and cabin crew (and no quickly removing those free wired headsets to avoid awkward tangles when you leave the tray table or get up from your seat), Euphony promises a smooth and seamless onboard experience. sociable for passengers. And all this is to cheer you up.

But the crucial claim is that Euphony can "adapt in real time to audio content and ambient noise in the cabin, to provide an optimal listening experience without affecting other passengers on board" - a serious request for any speaker system that doesn't you can enjoy natural passive sound. isolation, which means being tied to the head, above or inside each of the ears.

The best noise-cancelling headphones do a great job of canceling noise and come in a small pocket-sized case that's perfect for carry-on luggage. Can a pair of speakers built into an airplane seat eliminate that constant engine roar? I doubt it. But I would love to be proven otherwise...

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