The curious case of Face Unlock on the Google Pixel 6 Pro continues, and the latest leaks from those in the know suggest that the feature could come to the phone sometime later this year.(*6*)

This is according to the team at 9to5Google (Opens in a new tab) - they did some digging and discovered that the latest Android update for Pixel phones includes a code that references a CPU boost that is applied when Face Unlock is required ( presumably to help identify it). faster). Also, the code is exclusive to Pixel 6 Pro phones.(*6*)

This feature isn't available and Google hasn't said anything about it, but it looks like the software developers behind Android 12 are laying the groundwork for Face Unlock on the Pixel 6 Pro to finally show up at some point down the line. line .(*6*)

Unlock Face Recognition Unlock

You may remember that there were a lot of rumors about the Google Pixel 6 phones and Face Unlock, both before and after the phones were released. The idea is that reliability and battery issues were the reason the option wasn't offered until now.(*6*)

Google may have already ironed out all the kinks and is ready to roll out Face Unlock on its latest Pixel flagship, at least for the Pro model. Though the phone lacks the radar sensors that triggered Face Unlock on the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, its selfie camera technology and Google's AI know-how might be enough.(*6*)

We may have to wait for the release of Scan: The Joys of Face Unlock before Face Unlock comes to the Pixel 6 Pro; Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro may include hardware updates that offer an increasingly seamless unlock experience.(*6*)

Review: The joys of Face Unlock

Google decided to leave Face Unlock out of the Pixel 5; according to Google, this was trade-off to make room for other premium features of the device. Previously, it appeared on Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4XL.(*6*)

If you've never used the face unlock feature on these phones, it can be hard to appreciate how convenient it was: it was fast, it worked from multiple angles, and it let you go directly from the lock screen to the app you were on. using previously.(*6*)

It was almost like you didn't have an active lock screen at all, though of course you did: if someone without your face tried to pick up and use the Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL, they wouldn't have to break in.(*6*)

While similar results can be achieved with a high-resolution camera and clever software, it was actually the dedicated radar sensors that made Face Unlock so smooth, not least because it could detect when you were about to pick up the phone. . Hopefully the Pixel 7 will have the hardware and software to make Face Unlock shine.(*6*)

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