Dead Island 2 recibe otro retraso pero que es uno

You'll have to wait another 12 weeks before basking in the sun with the walking dead, as Dead Island 2 is pushed back to April 2023.

Originally announced in 2014, Dead Island 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to its 2011 predecessor. Dead Island is an open-world melee hack n' slash adventure featuring hordes of the undead, it is based on popular titles like Left 4 Dead and undoubtedly lays the groundwork for developer Techland's future products Dying Light and Dying Light 2.

The sequel was scheduled for February 2023, and what a bloody Valentine's Day that would have been. However, the Dambuster development team announced a delay (opens in a new tab) via Twitter, stating that they needed more time: "to make sure we can release a game we are proud to release."

And frankly? It was probably a smart move.

I pre-ordered this game from 2014. I can wait a few more weeks to get the game you envisioned. November 17, 2022

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(*2*) Sometimes dead is better

By delaying the game until April, Dambuster hopes to save us from a world of game-breaking bugs and glitches. In an era where games are frequently released in a chaotic state to be patched and patched for years (cough, Cyberpunk 2077), you'd be forgiven for missing out on the good old days when games always arrived finished and in working order. reliable playables.

Of course, this delay doesn't necessarily guarantee that the game will be finished when we get it, or even that we won't see another delay to the initial announcement that's already eight years old.

Dead Island 2 has been through multiple problems in its long fight for survival. The original developers, Yager Entertainment, left the project in 2015 to be replaced by Sumo Digital, the makers of the upcoming asymmetrical horror title, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Dambusters took over development on Dead Island 2 back in 2019, and things have been going pretty smoothly ever since. However, with all the hashes and changes, it's no wonder the game has experienced so many delays.

According to the Twitter thread that followed the Dambusters announcement, fans were unfazed by the extra time in the oven.

“Not a big surprise, but not a bad thing either,” comments one user. “I pre-ordered this game from 2014. I can wait a few more weeks to get the game you envisioned,” said another.

Some people are (rightly) feeling a little bummed out by the news, so Dambusters is softening the blow by sharing new gameplay content on December 6, which will stream on the official website, YouTube, and Twitch pages. We know it exists, and the game already wowed the crowds at Gamescom earlier this year.

At this point, there's not much more to do than grab the nearest blunt instrument, make yourself comfortable in your grave, and wait for the moment to come.

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