cyber day is one of the most important online shopping events in Peru. Every year it brings together the best brands that make commercial life in the South American country to offer their products online with great discounts. Many people wait for its realization to take quality items home and today we will tell you everything you need about it.

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What is Cyberday?

This is an event that guarantees users a secure purchase transaction. Through him, people will acquire products from the comfort of home at really competitive prices. Cyberday Peru takes place on 28, 29 and 30 March and is organized by the company Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

For your purchases to be reliable, it is best to purchase those products that have Certified Company Seal, same that is delivered by the Chamber of Commerce of Lima every year.

Cyberday is in Peru what is known in the United States as Black Fridays. And according to the balances offered annually by the Lima Chamber of Commerce, the companies that participate as Apple, Claro and Lebel They have increased their sales by 500%.

What to buy in Cyberday Peru?

During the time that the Cyber ​​Days last in Peru you can buy a wide range of products, these being the most common:

1. Washing machines

One of the household items most in demand on Cyberdays is precisely the washing machine. You can buy an item like this from the best brand and at a good price, to finally have the one you've always wanted at home.

2. TVs

These devices have captured the attention of users in each of the events held. Available brands are Samsung, Phillips, Panasonic and LG. Choose the right size TV, as there are different options available for your consideration.

3. Laptops

Traditional laptops have increased their sales volume in these types of events. But what has attracted the most attention has been the demand for laptos gamers. If you want to acquire one, look for the brand that you like the most and make the transaction in a simple way.

How can I buy?

Buying is very easy as long as you follow the instructions:

  1. The first thing you should do is go to the website Choose the products you need and leave them in the trolley.
  2. If you have included all the products you want to buy in your cart, click the button to pay. It is time to choose the payment method.
  3. Provides useful information for the system such as: shipping address and date on which you wish to receive your order. It is important to know that Oechle handles the home delivery service, but also has more than 200 withdrawal points if you do not want to pay for shipping.
  4. It is essential to check the total amount of the purchase. If you are sure of the value of your order, confirm your transaction.

What to take into account to make a purchase in Cyberday Peru?

Before making a purchase through this event held annually in Peru, it is necessary to consider these elements:

  • Avoid making any transactions during the first hours of Cyberday. It is that it is just at that moment when the highest traffic is registered for visits made. For the same, the system tends to collapse.
  • Take a look at the prices. Some users have reported that during the event, some products cost more than usual.
  • To avoid any type of fraud, it is best to make purchases on official websites.

If the Cyberday Peru offers are of interest to you, don't miss out on the opportunity to access the best discounts on the market through this event.


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