Confirmed the biggest program of Prime Video is not

Does Prime Video have a new bigger show? Bottom line: no, it's not.

Reports surfaced yesterday (June 21) that The Boys had been toppled as Prime Video's biggest show by a newcomer and was no longer the number one offering on the streaming service. The main program was now the new teen drama, The Summer I Got Pretty.

However, we were unable to validate this data, which seemed strange given that we didn't see many lists of what topped the Prime Video charts.

TechRadar spoke to Amazon and a Prime Video representative confirmed this was not true and no indication was issued about the main stream.

While The Summer I Turned Pretty appears to be a hit with plenty of anecdotal evidence that it was a hit with viewers and a second season already ordered by Prime Video, it's not the most-watched show on the service.

So what is the biggest show on Prime Video?

In other words, he has none, at least publicly. Unlike Netflix, which publishes a weekly list detailing its most popular TV shows and movies (opens in a new tab) for a seven-day period starting in November 2021, Prime Video doesn't offer this kind of information.

As the Prime Video spokesperson confirmed to LaComparacion, "Amazon does not usually publish audience numbers or that type of data."

In fact, Netflix is ​​a bit of an outlier in being quite public about what its subscribers watch.

For numbers from Prime Video, Hulu, or Disney Plus, we're largely forced to rely on surveys or numbers from Nielsen, which has provided viewing figures for more traditional streaming networks. (opens in a new tab)

Nielsen installs trackers inside the devices, which capture information about what is being watched, when, by whom, and how many people in a household are watching.

Prime Video shows are part of those numbers, but the Nielsen ranking doesn't exactly measure up. The service's most recent numbers are for the week ending May 22, and since The Summer I Turned Pretty dropped last Friday (June 17), it hasn't yet affected the rankings released by Nielsen.

A Hollywood Reporter article (opens in a new tab) a few weeks ago named Reacher a big hit for Prime Video and its best estimate of the biggest show on the platform, with estimates of 5760 billion minutes watched in the first six weeks of the program. . But again, those are Nielsen numbers, not Prime Video.

The Boys is a huge hit for Prime Video and it's no wonder they've announced a fourth season. According to the same report, the show's second season ran for 4.800 billion minutes in its first six weeks, with a source saying the new season was longer, but didn't provide any data to back this up.

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