Health management: heart rate / blood pressure / blood oxygen monitoring Green subcutaneous blood flow analysis sensor reading LED, real-time display of heart rate, blood pressure blood oxygen Forecast your physical condition with advance, you can in real time also see more comprehensive data through the mobile application.
Polygraphy scientific record of sleep structure: sleep quality throughout the monitor real-time analysis of large sleep data to rate the quality of sleep problems in sleep. , get a good night sleep ..
More some practical features hope for you to discover: F35 will push intelligently is equipped with small more practical functions remote photography / sedentary reminder / alarm clock / find phone…etc. bring a new life in technology.
Various dials · Two sets of UI: Dual UI mode, two styles, two experiences meet your personality needs.
Synchronization report Bracelet information: You dial directly on the phone and create an address book, Dial / calls.

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