1: SN80 15-day battery life smart relay, sports smart relay, full contact IP68 waterproof multi-functional sports model health monitoring, carbon fiber heart rate monitor, real-time visible accurate pedometer exercise steps, calories, exercise distance, heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, to help you record exercise frequency and exercise trajectory every day, while helping you achieve your health goals, 24 professional monitoring, automatic frequency monitoring heart rate 24 hours He in real time
2: 15 days of battery life and 60 days of standby time. Use low power chipset and solve the problem of smart watches with short battery life. For example, goodbye to chargers, smart watches can support longer battery life without daily charging, innovating the designer by CNC machining to make your Zn-mg alarm shell move 28 steps of grinding and polishing, this is a smart watch, fashion products lead the new trend, the creative beauty of Zn-mg Zn-mg Zn-mg shock shell CNC process
3. Intelligent LP chipset tracking optical sensor can record low power consumption and micro power consumption, can reduce power consumption, improve accuracy and ensure stable battery life for all-day heart rate and exercise heart rate control. 8 sports modes to meet sports demand, scientific detection according to different modes, making exercise easier
4: 1.3-inch high-definition full screen, message details display notifications for calls, WeChat, QQ, messages, etc. Support hang up, real-time monitoring of your sleep time quality, automatic sleep recognition, can identify your sleep time, if you sleep condition is good, you can check the data to listen to your sleep time, wake up and light or deep sleep
5. Don't worry about the weather forecast. It will not only push, precisely positioned local air conditioning, Bluetooth 4.2 with stable connection function, but also can be used as a personal assistant, caller notification hang up the phone, and conference caller in the wrist . Are you afraid of missing the call when driving? Being able to connect with app vibration notification and caller ID. If you want to answer on the phone, you can press the screen to hang up if the call is interrupted

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