1,3 Inch Round IPS Screen: 1,3 inch high resolution circular touch screen, which makes the screen more vivid and beautiful. A larger screen that adjusts to the width of the wrist for a comfortable fit.
Real-time heart rate monitor / blood pressure monitor / blood oxygen monitor: It can accurately monitor pulse changes and active heart rate and rest to generate professional heart rate without form. It is compatible with sphygmomanometers and oximeters (your non-professional medical equipment, blood pressure data is for reference only).
Sleep Monitor: Monitor your sleep quality by measuring the duration of deep sleep, non-REM sleep, and waking conditions.
A variety of sports modes: It has 8 sports modes: swimming, running, walking, football, skipping, badminton, basketball, cycling. It has a pedometer, distance, calories, stopwatch and more.
IP67 waterproof: It can easily handle daily waterproofing (can't swim or touch hot water, suitable for ordinary cold water environment).

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