☀Keep abreast of blood pressure, increase your understanding and control of blood pressure, and prevent cardiovascular diseases caused by high blood pressure.
☀ Dynamic heart rate detection, you can see real-time dynamic heart rate data by lifting your wrist hanging exercise, urgency, timely, safe and scientific protection for your exercise. Heart rate is one of the important indicators to measure your health. The bracelet helps you hear better you are sure. Blood oxygen monitoring, real-time blood oxygen monitoring, go further than health.
☀Running mode: Click on the car interface, turn on the motion monitoring mode, and detect your steps, mileage, calories and heart rate in real time. After the end, take the data synchronously and view the data analysis report to help convert a sportsman.
☀IP67 waterproof and dustproof, it can not only protect daily life from dust particles, cosmetics, sweat and other corrosive substances, you can even swim with a bracelet, cold water bath.
☀ UI design, new 3D dynamic design with 0.96-inch IPS color screen, a powerful visual experience, truly mobile.

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