❀【XNUMX-INCH LARGE SCREEN】 The XNUMX-inch large screen allows you to enjoy a wider field of vision, in games and videos, more content is displayed, while the phone is still small and light.
❀【EXPANDABLE STORAGE UP TO 128GB】Storage expandable up to 128GB, support simultaneous use of 2 SIM cards for data and phone calls, or simultaneous use of memory cards for data storage.
❀【FACIAL RECOGNITION】 Facial recognition can always and under all circumstances be accurately identified, giving you a sci-fi experience.
❀【POWERFUL PROCESSOR】The powerful processor greatly improves the efficiency, execution speed, frame rate and image smoothness when playing big games.
❀ 【ANDROID SYSTEM】 The system is based on the development of the system, which is more complete and smooth, and each photo of the phone camera is as beautiful as a colorful wallpaper.

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