Heart rate measurement Since the optical heart rate measurement technique was obtained, it is possible to easily measure heart rate 24 hours with the use of a fitness tracker on the armYou can set the mode of form. .auto to monitor heart rate on app and the data will automatically reflect on your app for 3 minutes once it is connected to the phone and it is very easy for health management
5 Kinds of Physiological Woman UI and Period Reminder Main menu can display 5 different user interface, meet your different taste (Located in APP), and the SmartWatch cover the special function for women, period reminder physiological Just remember to include the period of menstruation / preparation period Pregnancy / gestation / baby taking care (only women user can see the function and available to
IP65 grade waterproof function IP65 dustproof high waterproof design For men sports watch, you don't even need to take off when washing and hand washing daily life / from sweat, rain, splashBut In particular, it is not available for take a bath, swimming, Since the water and water vapor pressure may cause damage to the fitness tracker.
9 Fitness Watch training modes: walking, running, cycling, hiking, fitness, treadmill, basketball, tennis, climbing, badminton, dynamic cycling, yoga, football, dance (Attention: the first 3 modes are defaults and presets on the bracelet and can be displayed.
Smart Watch with Notifications, SMS SNS Call Push: Connect the fitness tracker with your smartphone, you will never miss a call and message. It will vibrate to alert you if your phone receives a phone call.

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