Instant and Accurate Temperature Measurement: The XNUMX advanced digital built-in thermometer for adults and children measures body temperature automatically without switching the smart watch to the temperature monitoring interface. It offers an instant and precise control of the anatomical temperature in real time. It is safer and more recommended than the mercury thermometer. The fitness tracker with thermometer can also be worn on the forehead to measure the temperature of the forehead.
Built-in Fitness Data Monitor: Adopted the latest HR sensor to warn blood oxygen, heart rate and blood pressure at each and every time and moment. Control your physical conditions integrated on the go. Automatically record your sleep duration for deep and REM stages and set stealthy alarms that will buzz your wrist. It helps you get a better understanding of your sleep quality each night and adjust for a healthier lifestyle.
Efficient All-Day Activity Tracking: Accurately records activity data throughout the day, including steps, distance, and calories burned. The multi-sport mode tracker records duration time, heart rate and calories burned for different specific activities such as running, cycling and jumping.
Never Miss Important Calls and Messages - Get instant notifications on your wrist for incoming calls, SMS and SNS (Fb, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter). To envy a vibration reminder, the fitness tracker will also display the caller number and a part of the message content on your screen. Never worry about missing essential messages and messages.
Easy to charge and IP68 rated: The built-in USB connector makes charging simple without a cable. Up to seven days of battery life once fully charged. The charging time (from 0 to one hundred%) is one and five hours. The IP68 waterproof design lets you change as you wash your hands, train in the rain, shower (with room temperature water), and swim.

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