Active Wrist Optical Heart Rate Monitoring: Built-in professional heart rate monitor module, with AI prime algorithm, real-time view of your heart rate value, record twenty-four hours heart rate changes, Support heart rate time tracking..
blood oxygen / blood pressure monitor has known scope: wrist blood oxygen / blood pressure data, bid farewell to the traditional time-consuming and expensive measurement methods, through one-key monitoring of the watch, You can see the blood pressure/blood oxygen data by raising your wrist.
-The whole process of sleep quality monitoring: check the duration and quality of sleep to help hear the details of each sleep and develop healthy sleep habits.
Women's menstrual cycle management: scientific cycle records, intimate reminders of menstrual periods, and it will accompany you to take care of when you need it.
Real-time exercise monitoring: heart rate, exercise duration, mileage, speed, calorie consumption and other exercise data at a glance.

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