★ High light transmission mirror: The mirror is made of wear-resistant material, and it has been refined to ensure the mirror's bright and transparent surface, stable chemical properties, and has the advantages of moisture and dust.
★ Bayonet Button: The clock button adopted bayonet structure, the metal ejects smoothly and scratch-free waterproof sleeve, there is built-in precision spring, which makes a viola waterproof and good hand feeling.
★ Stainless steel blade: textured blade, stainless steel blade, good gloss, corrosion resistant, more convenient to use.
★ Waterproof Back Cover: Stainless steel waterproof back cover, 30 meters waterproof with four screws to lock, the waterproof performance has been greatly improved.
★ Easy life waterproof: 30 meters of waterproof function, to meet daily grooming or rain, half-life waterproof, so that the movement is no longer restricted, move with the heart.

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