[Heart rate detection]: 24-hour real-time heart rate monitoring, nighttime infrared heart rate monitoring, heart rate warning, heart rate technology based on intelligent training scene monitoring, when the measurement is more accurate , our fitness tracker provides hundreds of lifestyle and physical abilities.
[Sleep Tracking]: To combine artificial intelligence technology and six major sleep problems, the heart rate monitor can automatically record stable sleep, unstable sleep and wake up time, improve sleep quality from sleep analysis. sleep, the accuracy rate of sleep monitoring is more than 95%.
[Multi-sports]: Pedometer watch multi-sports mode provides training experience: real-time monitoring of heart rate reduces exercise risk, running time, distance, speed and running.
[Smart Assistant]: Activity tracker, including call notification, call rejection, SMS, email, SNS notification, vibration alarm, smart alarm, timer, make your life easier and smarter.
The waterproof rating is up to IP67, which is the best choice for fitness enthusiasts. You can use it in your hand to wash your hands, or you can play in the rain. However, swimming or bathing with activity monitors is not recommended.

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