THE NEWEST SMART TRACKING WATCH: Touch screen fashion smart watch, the strap is easy to change, comfortable/lightweight wear, does not affect fitness, suitable for men and women.
EXERCISE PARTNER: Activity monitoring, steps, distance, calories, etc. throughout the day. Once successfully connected to your phone, the GPS records your path and displays a map.
HEALTH TRACKING MANAGEMENT: With 24/7 real-time tracking of heart rate, blood pressure, sedentary reminders, smart alarm clock and sleep quality tracking at night, set your own sleep and rest time, every time You can see the data in real time and graphic monitor on the dial. The current data they can see on the watch, they can also see the historical data on the app. It can help better regulate physical health.
MESSAGE NOTICE: You can receive messages and phone calls with reminders, so you don't miss important calls and messages during the fitness process.
24 HOURS ONLINE SERVICE: Feel free to contact us without hesitation if you have any problems or need any help.

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