INCLUDED SERVICES. A human-sized team since 1995 – Free help by phone (Normal number in France) – Great complete user guide all in Spanish. – Memos label and poster – 2-year warranty – Managed directly by us in 3 to 4 days – Other additional device services: adapted forces, professional emergency remote assistance, pre-configurations. – Help with the choice: purchase guide, telephone advice, Video
Fit model for who knows? A senior user who requires a mobile complete with camera, video and Bluetooth. Thanks to its large screen and large keys, it is suitable for visually impaired users. Suitable for small hearing problems as this device has a loud sound. Signature of use: it can be suitable for a very simple use with a very managed user. Not Compatible With: Someone who is at risk of losing on a full phone.
Sound level: the sound and ringing are loud, measuring up to 88 dB at 30 cm. The device is compatible with all digital hearing devices (most digital hearing devices sold after 10 years). The sound volume can be adjusted during the conversation: 1-key handsfree, loudspeaker volume adjustment and ear listening.
THE LEVEL OF VISIBILLE: A very large 2,8-inch color screen that allows better readability - 10 quick access pieces M1, M2 and pieces 2 to 9. Use the labels to write on the back of the phone to which each access is accessed – Large keys are spaced and backlit – You can easily answer calls by opening the switch or the green button – For incoming calls: you can pair a photo with each contact.
And other functions: easy lock – 1-key phone book – SMS and MMS in 1 key – Charging base included – Improved peach skin surface – Single volume adjustment button on the side to prevent false manipulation – SOS key: up to 6 contacts, send an SMS and call the first number – Better camera and Video 2.0 MP SMS and MMS, Bluetooth, alarm clock, alarm clock, calendar, calendar, calculator, FM radio, flashlight

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