❤ [Real-time heart rate monitoring] Real-time heart rate is on the wrist. The watch uses the intelligent heart rate detection chip to examine the blood flow under the skin through the green light sensor, monitor the heart rate in real time, and avoid the heart rate caused by unreasonable exercise.
❤ [Function] Blood pressure measurement, the watch uses a new generation of smart chips, can also measure changes in blood pressure in real time, know the status of blood pressure at any time, add power to your health, Multi-Sport Mode, Multi – Sports Mode, Help You Fall In Love With Sports, Experience Sports Fun, Intelligent Measurement Of Multiple Sports Data, Let You Better Understand Your Sports Information, IP6
❤ [Data] All kinds of historical data, when the watch is connected with the mobile APP, it can synchronize the step count, the seven-day record of sleep quality data, and the three days already before the heart rate. Two hundred and fifty MAh large battery, built-in large-capacity battery, and the latest battery chip frequency conversion technology, optimize the energy-saving output effect higher than imagination, lower power consumption, more energy saving.
❤ [HD Color Screen] The HD screen effect gives you a different visual experience resolution of up to: two hundred and forty × two hundred and forty, one hundred and twenty-two-inch large screen for you to display more data mirrors with a new generation of viewing material. Tempered Glass, Scratch-Resistant And Wear-Resistant Rugged Surface Anti-Fingerprint Oily Process, Always Sparkling And New
❤ [Beautiful Gifts] A beautiful Christmas gift, this is a powerful and easy-to-use smart watch that you can buy for yourself or for children, children, parents, lovers and friends. If you have any questions, contact us, we will contact you twenty-four hours a day

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