❤ [Sleep Monitoring] You can monitor your sleep data at any time, such as deep sleep and shallow sleep. To help you understand your sleep state, the phone can set the alarm to help you wake up.
❤ [7 Sports Modes]: The touch screen smart watch includes 7 sports modes to accurately record your activities and health throughout the day, including steps, distance, calories and sleep status.
❤ [Call Reminder] You can operate without using your phone, and the watch can display the number or the caller's number. If you don't want to answer, you can press and hold to reject the call.
❤ [IP67 Waterproof] Ip67 waterproof design allows the watch to adapt to more sports, life scenes and daily waterproof. (Note: Do not touch the hot water to prevent water vapor from entering)
❤ Physiological Period Reminder [Exclusive for Women]It can predict and remind the physiological period, record the individual physiological cycle, and predict the ovulation period.

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