Monitor blood pressure: keep together with blood pressure, improve understanding and control of blood pressure and prevention of cardiovascular entrapment caused by high blood pressure.
Push message: Whether in a noisy environment or a mobile phone in a bag, there is a call or a message, a slight vibration will be heard on your wrist to remind you that you will not miss any calls and information.
Running mode: Click on the running interface, activate the motion tracking mode, and monitor the steps, kilometers, calories and heart rate in real time. After the final, load the data synchronously and view the data analysis report to help a converter become sportsman.
Music Control: Accept music playback from third-party software, pause, up and down song function, switch easily, listen to the music you want to listen to.
Sedentary Reminder: In busy work, you need an alarm clock to remind yourself to take a break, pay attention to sedentary reminder, rest at rest, relieve fatigue, and keep away from secondary health.

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