Intelligent sleep monitoring: no wear-sensitive skin design, no radiation, automatic sleep monitoring. Comprehensive analysis of sleep duration, sleep depth, awake sleep and other data. Guide to improve sleep and stay with every night of sleep.
Incoming call + information reminder: When you press and the mobile phone is connected to Bluetooth, you can check the incoming calls, WeChat, QQ and SMS on the pulse. With the vibration reminder + show content, you should not miss the important information of the call.
Sedentary reminder: sedentary danger, work is also busy and healthy, intimate reminder not to sit all the time, it's time to get up and move.
Remote control photo: the mobile phone to the camera, you can touch it, you can lift the wrist operation, grab it anytime, anywhere, and easily leave the most beautiful moment.
The intensity of exercise can be judged by monitoring heart rate, and high-intensity aerobic exercise can improve cardiorespiratory endurance.

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