Every day heart rate and blood pressure monitoring: The watch uses a more accurate optical sensor to measure heart rate and blood pressure changes 24 hours.
Function list: Step count, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, call reminder, text message reminder, exercise track, exercise modes (swimming, riding), shake to take photos, etc.
Deep waterproof, waterproof reaches international IP67 waterproof effect. Built-in sealing structure designer, it easily responds to various household water scenarios.
Sleep detection: The pulse will be automatically collected in sleep mode and Do Not Disturb mode, and the app will display data results such as sleep depth and sleep duration more clearly.
Women's yoga aerobics watch: Suitable for Android/iOS 8.0+ 4.3+ system, 0.96 touch screen, TPU watch band, mobile phone sensing distance 5-10 meters, size: 44x20x12 cm.

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