1. DIY work. The dial can meet various aesthetic requirements, match clothes as you like, and define your own trend
2. Real-time monitor of heart rate abnormal alarms to measure the health of the hanging interest rate all day, set the heart rate value, automatically alert abnormalities, and listen to heart rate changes over time (support BP .SPO2 monitor)
3: 24 sports modes. Built-in motion sensors can record the number of steps, calories, heart rate and other exercise data during exercise, making exercise safer and more effective
4. Menstrual period reminder, menstrual period, ovulation period, not only can all be recorded, but also intimately reminded before coming, music control, change the music you want to wear on your wrist, and then click to enjoy the comfortable life of rhythm music
5. As long as the smartphone is connected to the mobile phone's Bluetooth, it can synchronize the mobile phone information and the APP information reminder. If it is not convenient to answer the call, you can reject the call directly

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