✅ 1. Clear screen: 240 * 240 resolution high-definition TFT large screen, make the field of vision more natural, touch more fluid, obvious details vivid.
✅ 2. Smart chip: This product uses a professional chip to collect bioelectricity and ECG from the human body, so that the test is more accurate and can detect the body at the right time and at the same time. It is the guardian of the health of you and your family.
✅ 3. Heart rate test: The product integrates PPG + ECG measurement technology, and PPG photoelectric heart rate is used for automatic recording throughout the day; system statistics and eliminate errors for a medium level, and the system works double to ensure the effectiveness and accuracy of the health test.
✅ 4. Sports modes: This product has 10 kinds of sports modes, provides various real-time data, supports multiple sports data records, and can set your own sports goals to share exercise results with you.
✅ 5. Sleep monitoring: This product can not only accurately record night sleep, but also nap time and nap time. The structure of sleep is recorded and the quality of sleep is analyzed.

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