1 Gram of Alaskan Gold Pearls with Certificate of Authenticity. We can offer through the direct sleeve Goldnuggets in excellent quality at TOP prices.
The gold beads are delivered in an elegant coin case with a black background, a great eye-catcher with good texture. Gold nuggets make an exceptional and quality gift at the same time and are ideal as excellent gold bars for value.
Gold nuggets trade for their rarity and the increasing global gold drop with 2 – 4 times the current gold price. Currently, approximately 75% of the world's gold reserves have been reduced and processed.
Each nugget is approx. 5-12 mm (see example photo) 1 gram gives 1-2 units. The fine/gold content is approx. 20-23 carats.
We exclusively offer Goldnuggets with a very high quality. Our beads are characterized by a high percentage of gold and a deep golden color with a strong shine.

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