All companies have the obligation to have this tool, which allows labor justice between men and women.

Women, decades ago, who burst into the labor market, from the beginning, breaking barriers from a culture imposed for many years, in which men dominated most of the fields of work for others. In the past, working in factories and multi-sector companies was only accessible to women, if the head of the family or husband gave permission to do so.

Faced with this situation, gradually, the labor rights conquered by women in the workplace have steadily escalated, to eliminate these ballasts. Currently, there is no legal distinction between genders to access any type of employment, however, in practice so many years of unequal structure continue to take their toll. Hence the emergence of legal tools that help alleviate and, above all, eradicate these inequalities.

Along these lines, it should be noted that in Spain, Since last March of the recently dismissed financial year 2022, companies have been required to have a equality plan companies. Although it is true that all entities that have a workforce of more than 50 employees; It also contemplates all those companies that, in their applicable collective agreement, have included the preparation of this plan. Another of the formulas for demanding this document is that the Labor Authority itself requires it, due to a sanctioning procedure.

Companies can be penalized for failing to comply

There is no arbitrariness here. Companies that are required by law must have their Equality Plan, as mandated by the norm; as well as that their epigraphs correspond, in any case, to the required model. Why, otherwise, the company would be seriously infringing this guarantee measure, and could face fines ranging from 626 to 6.250 euros. Of course, sanctions that can involve a significant outlay, which should be avoided. For it, having the advice of an expert consultancy in the matter is vital.

In addition, there are many companies that, despite the fact that the Labor Authority has demanded the plan, continue not to listen to those requests and become unsubmissive. Of course, it is not a worthy role for a company that appreciates its workforce and, if necessary, this lack of solvency will lead to a fine classified as very serious. And the sanctions, in this range of non-compliance, are very serious, since they range from 6.251 up to the amount of 225.018 euros, understanding that no firm can afford this discredit.

All of the above leads to a double reflection. On the one hand, standardize this type of measures which, in no case, are focused on marking the activity of the company, but on the contrary, on improving the performance of its templates. And in second place, contribute to the advancement of social rights vital, for a common welfare and equality.

Phases into which an Equality Plan is divided

Of course, the company willingness is essential. Once the person in charge who is going to lead and manage the plan is clear that they are going to proceed with its application, the process begins.

Once the company has that awareness, The second thing will be to detect all the possibilities and parameters that are likely to be applied unequally between men and women.. Given this fact, it is possible to observe payrolls, permits, supplements, salaries, ranks, etc., that exist in the company for different types of sex.

The third thing, therefore, Once all these data have been detected, it will be the preparation of the Equality Plan itself, to correct those errors and improve the concepts regarding the benefits that employees obtain, regardless of whether they are men or women. It is about implementing measures and correcting problems in this regard.

The culmination will be erected when the own Equality Plan is admitted in the Register of Collective Agreements and Agreements, or at the competent body of the Autonomous Community where the company is located.

Finally, it should be noted that building an egalitarian society is a common task that companies must understand and be an active part of the process.


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