The 2020 NBA playoffs are fast approachingBut before we get there in April and finally the NBA Finals in June, there's still a lot to do in the regular season. Follow our guide and you can watch an NBA live stream online, wherever you are; There are even legitimate free NBA live streaming options for basketball fans.

NBA Playoffs 2019/20 Dates

We are nearing the end of the regular season and The 2020 NBA playoffs will begin on Saturday, April 18. Game one of this year's NBA Finals is scheduled for Saturday, June 21, giving basketball fans two playoff months to go in the spring.

So far, the 2019/20 NBA season has essentially gone according to plan. Led by last year's standout player, Giannis Antetokounmpo, or 'The Greek Freak' if you prefer, the Milwaukee Bucks currently enjoy a comfortable lead atop the Eastern Conference. Last year's NBA champions, the Toronto Raptors, are in a battle with the Boston Celtics for the No. 2 seed with the Miami Heat, Indiana Pacers and Philadelphia 76ers hidden. behind and all likely bombing crews.

On the other side of the country, few would bet the Los Angeles Lakers shut down the Western Conference as soon as possible. Led by potential GOAT LeBron James and superstar great Anthony David, they probably boast of the league's most outstanding lineup; consider that Dwight Howard and Rajon Rondo aren't even the team's first choice. Starting at 5 and you start to appreciate how talented the Lakers are this year.

When the season began, there were no fewer than 1,230 regular-season NBA games to look forward to. That number may be down now, but what's left is really important, so read on to find out how to watch an NBA live stream online from around the world.

the 2020 nba playoffs

How to stream NBA live and watch online from outside your country?

Scroll down for details of the NBA's live broadcast to various countries where basketball is particularly popular. But before that, keep in mind that if you can't watch an NBA game on your regular TV channel or streaming service, it may be due to a cut in coverage (in the US) or a restriction on geoblocking. (in international markets).

In this case, the simplest and most reliable solution is use a VPN service to change your IP address to a different location. This will generally allow you to connect to your local coverage, just as you would from home, and that means you don't have to wade through the vaguest corners of the internet to get an illegal stream.

use a VPN service to change your IP address

Our software experts have tested over 100 VPNs and ExpressVPN stands out. There are many reasons why, but the main factors are its speed, security and ease of use - you can get started in no time.

We also like that you can try it for free, thanks to its 30-day money-back guarantee. You can use it with many devices at the same time, including Smart TV, Fire TV Stick, PC, Mac, iPhone, Android phone, iPad, tablets, etc. And if you subscribe to ExpressVPN now, you will also benefit from a 49% reduction in the regular price and an additional 3 months FREE.

VPNs are ridiculously easy to set up and use And they're not just for watching the NBA abroad - they're a great first line of defense for your online business and many people use them to bypass other geo-blocked websites or access Netflix content abroad.

How to watch an NBA live stream in 2020?

British basketball fans are perhaps the luckiest in the world this season as they get to hear a free NBA live stream of select games via the Sky Sports YouTube channel, in general, Saturday demo games. are what the net offers when watching the NBA for free online.

However, Brits on vacation or traveling abroad for work will find geoblocking ugly, even on YouTube. In this case, UK residents should consider using a virtual private network to point their IP address to Blighty and take advantage of all that YouTube's Sky Sports channel has to offer as usual. Of these, ExpressVPN is the best and offers a free trial so you can see if it is the right solution for you.

Upcoming NBA games that you can live stream for free on YouTube include:

  • Saturday March 7: Houston Rockets @ Charlotte Hornets
  • Saturday, March 14: Phoenix Suns @ Dallas Mavericks
  • Saturday, March 21: Boston Celtics @ Brooklyn Nets
  • Saturday, March 28: Cleveland Cavaliers @ Brooklyn Nets
  • Saturday, April 4: Oklahoma City Thunder @ LA Clippers
  • Saturday, April 11: Detroit Pistons @ Dallas Mavericks

NBA League Pass - The Best Way to Stream the NBA Online?

As we will explain, there are a number of options for streaming the NBA online. But the one that keeps popping up is the NBA League Pass, the league's official streaming service.

If you want to follow your favorite team throughout the season or even if you want to follow every team in the league, this is a great way to see the NBA from around the world.

In the US, an NBA League Pass subscription starts at just € 29.99 a year, allowing you to stream all NBA games streamed on television online. An annual subscription of € 59.99 will allow you to follow your team throughout the season, or you can increase the stake to € 99.99 per year and see all the teams in the league in action. The most expensive tier offers a spend of € 124.99 for the same access for 12 months, but without advertising. However, you should be aware that unlike its international equivalents, the NBA League Pass broadcast in the United States is still subject to glitches.

The service offers different packages for international markets, but in general, NBA fans outside the United States have the option to access Team Choice, which costs € 14.99 per month and allows you to broadcast every NBA game live. for a specific team, or a full League Pass subscription for € 24.99 per month. This allows you to watch all NBA games online. Yes, that means all 1230 of them, as well as all the playoffs and NBA Finals action. You may lose some sleep in the process, but for die-hard fans, this may go without saying.

As always, if you are outside of the country in which you signed up for NBA League Pass, you can likely use a VPN to bypass these restrictions; Based on extensive testing, we rate ExpressVPN as the best and offer a free trial so you can check it out without any strings attached.

How to broadcast the NBA live in the United States?

For, watch the NBA on TV in the US. This season, you'll need a cable package or subscription to a streaming service that gives you access to ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, ABC, TNT, NBA TV, and your regional Fox Sports and NBC Sports (RSN) sports networks.

If you already have a cable, it helps to check which channels are listed in your industry and possibly add those you don't have. However, if you're a pure cable cutter, don't worry as there are a number of streaming services that give you access to all the channels you'll need to follow your favorite NBA team this season.

Here are some of our favorite streaming services for watching basketball online:

  • Sling TV from €25 per month. If you choose Sling TV's Orange Sling package, you'll have access to ESPN and TNT, but you won't be able to watch regional sports networks. The service's Sling Blue package includes the regional sports network NBC Sports, but only for the Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings and Washington Wizards. It should be noted that Sling TV does not include ABC or RSN Fox Sports. You can also add NBA TV to your package with the €10 per month Sports Extra add-on.
  • Hulu with Live TV €45 per month: Hulu with Live TV gives you access to eSPN, TNT and ABC, as well as Fox and NBC Sports. However, the service does not offer NBA TV.
  • FuboTV €55 per month – FuboTV is a sports-oriented streaming service that gives you access to TNT, NBA TV, Fox Sports and NBC Sports RSN. However, it does not include ESPN or ABC.
  • YouTube TV €50 per month: With YouTube TV, you will have access to ESPN, TNT, ABC and NBA TV, as well as the local regional sports networks of Fox Sports and NBC Sports.
  • AT&T Now €50 per month: AT&T Now's Plus plan gives you access to ESPN, TNT and ABC, but does not offer NBA TV. By switching to the €70 maximum monthly service plan, you can also access a regional RSN Fox or NBC Sports.
  • NBA League Pass at a very affordable price of € 29.99 per year. This gives you streaming access to live NBA games that are streamed on TV, or you can get a team-specific package for € 59.99 a year that allows you to watch all the games on the market online.

Remember that if you subscribe to one of these services but are outside of the US For the big game, you can settle as usual using a good VPN service.

How to watch the NBA: live games in the UK?

British basketball fans can watch the NBA and stream this season's biggest games live on Sky Sports. As a Sky Sports subscriber, you'll have access to NBA and WNBA coverage, with the Sky Go app letting you follow all the action on the go.

Due to the time difference, most NBA games will air early in the morning, but with a Sky frame you can record the games and watch them later. Sky Sports will also broadcast replay matches the following day with no commercial interruption or pre-match commentary. Besides basketball, you can also watch the Premier League, NFL, EFL and more. However, featured games are broadcast on weekends at more social hours - tips vary from 6pm to 10pm GMT for these Saturday and Sunday matchups.

Not interested in subscribing to Sky Sports, but still want to watch the NBA and be able to stream basketball live? Don't worry, you can also purchase a Now TV Sky Sports subscription with daily, weekly and monthly options, all available without a contract starting at just € 5.99 per month for a mobile subscription only.

Remember also that the NBA League Pass is available in the UK and for basketball fans it should be your first choice as it allows you to follow your favorite team, or even every team, in the league, all season long.

Broadcasting the NBA Live: How to Watch in Canada

Canadian basketball fans who want to watch the NBA on television this season will need a cable package with the following channels: SportsNet, TSN 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, as well as NBA TV Canada. Adding these channels to your current plan can be expensive, as many games this season will air on premium channels.

If you prefer to stream basketball online, you can subscribe to SportsNet Now for $19.99 per month and this will allow you to stream over 200 NBA games live, including the Raptors and the NBA Playoffs. If you just want to watch a few basketball games, the service also offers a 7-day pass for €9.99. Alternatively, a subscription to TSN will also cost you €19.99 per month.

However, neither of these options will offer you the same coverage as the NBA League pass, which allows you to stream one team, all teams in the league, or even all teams without ads, depending on the package you choose.

How to watch NBA basketball in Australia?

If you plan to watch the NBA on television this season in Australia, you will need a cable package that will give you access to ESPN as the network has NBA broadcast rights for the country. You can get a Foxtel subscription with the included sports package that will allow you to watch all the games this season on ESPN. It should also be noted that the SBS channel will also broadcast basketball games on Saturdays and Sundays this season.

Don't you want to sign up for Foxtel just to watch the NBA this season? Then Kayo Sports over-the-top service has you covered as it will allow you to stream all NBA content from ESPN. It costs between € 25 and € 35 depending on the plan you choose, but new customers will be able to try it out for themselves with the free 14-day trial of the service.

The NBA League pass is also available in Australia in case you want to watch your favorite team or even teams throughout the season.

NBA 2020 playoff predictions

As we said, the Milwaukee Bucks have every chance of winning the Eastern Conference, the only real drama of the regular season is the battle for seed number 2 - it looks like it's a duel between the Boston Celtics and the Toronto Raports, but the Miami Heat, Indiana Pacers and Philadelphia 76ers are also in the game.

The Western Conference is a bit more interesting, because despite a seemingly unbeatable lineup, the Lakers face fierce competition for the No. 1 seed from their local rivals, the LA Clippers. 'The other' Los Angeles team has two of its own superstars: Kawhi Leonard, formerly of the Toronto Raptors and MVP of last year's NBA Finals, and the talented Paul George.

The Denver Nuggets, Houston Rockets and Utah Jazz are also in the Western Conference and may finish in the basketball playoffs in April. The Oklahoma City Thunder can't be ruled out either, and neither can the Dallas Mavericks, not if Slovenian superstar Luka Doncic continues to play as well as he does.

Who won the NBA finals in 2019?

The Toronto Raptors are the reigning champions this year, after dethroning the Golden State Warriors in 2019. In a stunning NBA Finals, the Raptors sealed the deal in Game 6 of a best-of-seven series, outscoring the Warriors 114-110.

The victory in Game 6 was due to a tremendous team effort that included 22 points from (then) star player Kawhi Leonard, 26 points from guard Kyle Lowry and a whopping 26-point, 10-rebound effort from forward Pascal Siakam. It was the first time in the history of the Raptors franchise that the team had won the NBA Championship, and it's safe to say that Toronto celebrated that night.

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