When a person gets older and begins to lose independence, the family or the person themselves must decide what kind of assistance they want. The choice will depend, mainly, on the conditions of the elderly, since the level of care is different for each one.

Day centers are an excellent option for the early stages of dependency, but there are also nursing homes, which are necessary in some cases.

What is a day center?

The variety of day centers for the elderly in Madrid are establishments offering day care to the elderly, who sleep at home every day. In these centers care is given to them while they improve their social relationships, exercise, acquire healthy habits and much more.

The objective of a day center for the elderly is to increase the independence of the elderly, delaying the symptoms of some pathologies and favoring their self-care.

For a day center to be appropriate for a patient, the patient must have a certain degree of independence, since the patient arrives and leaves every day. If the elderly have mobility problems or significant cognitive impairment, they should go to a residence.

Senior centers ease the burden on the caregiver, while improving the elderly physically and emotionally. Contact with people of the same age and condition is very beneficial for patients.

When to choose a nursing home?

If it is determined that the elderly needs permanent care, so the search engine for residences for the elderly in Madrid it is the ideal. Finding the right option is a snap when you have all your options in one place.

Below we show the cases in which it is better to choose a nursing home instead of a day center:

  • If cognitive impairment is advanced, so that the patient cannot participate in social activities, exercises and games.
  • If the older one tends to get disoriented and change his environment every day, it can increase his confusion.
  • If mobility limitations are such that daily transfers are very difficult.
  • If the doctor advises against a day center and recommends admission to a nursing home.

How to use a residence and day center search engine?

  • A search engine for residences and day centers is a web page in which the best options for the care of the elderly are affiliated. Furthermore, all the options are organized in such a way that the user can easily find what he needs. It is a free service for those seeking this type of care.
  • The first thing to do is decide what type of center you want to locate, if it is a residence or a day center. There are also options for home care or assisted living.
  • Then, you have to answer a simple questionnaire, which filters the information so that the options that the tool must show are as close as possible to what is needed.
  • The page is responsible for recommending some options, which can be reviewed to make a better decision.
  • When a choice is made, then You must make a face-to-face visit to the center, as a way to evaluate if it is what you want.
  • If you are not satisfied with the residence visited, you can make another appointment, until you find the ideal place.
  • It is advisable to choose a residence close to the family's residence, to encourage visits. Family contact with the elderly is something very important, something that greatly benefits their health.
  • The services offered by the residence must be taken into account, but also the hygiene conditions, the quality of the staff and the type of food they offer.

With all these recommendations, the choice of residence or day center will be very easy and comfortable to do.

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