iPhone XR Colors: How to Choose the Right Shade for You

iPhone XR Colors: How to Choose the Right Shade for You You can choose the iPhone XR in a wide range of bright colors to suit a wider range of styles than the "let's be honest, it's boring" iPhone XS; and most iPhones in common, muted colors. There are six colors in total, namely: black, white, blue, yellow, coral and red. You will agree, a decent option. These popular colors meant that Apple doesn't offer a wide range of cases for the phone (although we did take advantage of the Tech21 Shadow option) and most of them are clear. . But you have to choose carefully because even though the iPhone XR is cheaper than the XS range, it's still an expensive phone and you risk sticking with it for at least a few years. So you will want a color that you will love. Of course, the iPhone 11 is Apple's new "affordable" smartphone, and there are many colors for the iPhone 11, so if you want a bright iPhone, you have a choice. The colors of the iPhone 11 are mostly the same as the iPhone XR, but there is no blue option because it has been replaced by lilac, and all the options are a bit more pastel. We have created this guide to help you choose the iPhone XR color that suits you best.. Below you will find images of the iPhone XR in all available colors, as well as additional information on the shades and links to buy them at the best prices we can find, because if all the shades are the same price at Apple, prices sometimes vary in others. places. If you're looking for the cheapest iPhone XR dealsWe've got this page here, or here we've listed the cheapest ways to get a variety of colors up front if that's more likely to sway your opinion:

iPhone XR in white

Image Credit: Apple Image Credit: Apple White is one of the two most "ordinary" shades; in which you can get the iPhone XR- It's an Apple staple, and many phones have white options. Clearly, it's less likely to turn heads than some of the nuances below, but it's also sure to be less divisive. The aluminum frame also looks more like metal here because it's a silvery white, which isn't too far off the natural color of metal.

iPhone XR in black

Image Credit: Apple Image Credit: Apple It is the most "ordinary" shade you can find. The iPhone XR in black, like white, appears less shiny than some shades and also looks a bit more like an iPhone XS (because this phone is available in a similar gray color). Black is the smart choice here - it's kind of understated, though it's also one of the most common colors for smartphones in general.

iPhone XR in blue

Image Credit: Apple Image Credit: Apple Sounds more like this if you're looking to stand out. The blue hue is light and bright, and unlike the kinds of colors you'll find on most iPhone models. This color makes it immediately obvious that you are using an iPhone XR because no other Apple device uses this nuance, whether it's good or bad is up to you. This is the only iPhone XR color that Apple has chosen not to carry over to the iPhone 11, so it's certainly unique to the phone, though maybe they thought no one wanted a blue phone.

iPhone XR in yellow

Image Credit: Apple Image Credit: Apple If you thought blue was bright, you haven't seen anything yet. The yellow hue is the brightest color on the iPhone XR and far from the sober gold you can get the iPhone XS in. This shade certainly isn't for everyone, but if you want an iPhone that visually stands out from the crowd (and might blind some people in this crowd), this is it.

iPhone XR in coral

Image Credit: Apple Image Credit: Apple The coral hue falls between red and pink and is perhaps the most unusual of all the iPhone XR colors., simply because it is not a tone that is seen very frequently. Like the colors blue and yellow, it is quite bright and will certainly attract attention, and perhaps schools of clown fish looking for a snack.

iPhone XR in Red

Image Credit: Apple Image Credit: Apple The shade of red, or RED to give it its proper name, is so named because part of every purchase goes to (RED), a global fund dedicated to the fight against HIV/AIDS. This shade isn't quite as bright as you'd expect, given the yellow, coral, and blue options above, but it's still a pretty bright red. It is one of our best options at the moment because, without a doubt, it is the most distinctive and at the same time it maintains a certain decorum for the meeting room.