So it looks like Nvidia's highly anticipated Lovelace GPUs won't arrive until later this year, if current rumors are to be believed. It's not even necessarily because the RTX 4000 isn't ready to launch; It has been suggested that next-gen graphics cards may come later due to the existing stock of RTX 3000 cards that Nvidia wants to move before launching their new GPUs.

The reason for this alleged surplus of current-gen GeForce cards is of course the downturn in the crypto market, which led to massive GPU sales for mining and a general drop in Nvidia sales. If that's really the case (and it's mostly speculation at the moment, so take it with a grain of salt), then I beg you, I beg you, I beg you not to buy GPUs until the end of the year: at least not at full price. , ok?

Yes, Amazon Prime Day is about to surprise us with a series of dizzying deals, and if you see a GPU on sale that you want to buy, don't let it stop you. In fact, Prime Day might be your best chance to snag a bargain on the best graphics cards before the RTX 4000 launches, as Nvidia will be loath to drop the price of existing cards before the next-gen release.

If you're not buying a GPU at a discount this Prime Day, take it easy and stop worrying about graphics cards for a while. The price of existing GPUs will drop as soon as the Lovelace cards are released, so you have the option of saving some money or getting a powerful new RTX card, even if it means waiting until December.

Opinion: Nvidia delays could give AMD a chance to regain market share

Nvidia's RTX cards have been a popular choice among crypto miners, meaning that during the great GPU drought of 2021 they were the top selling cards and typically sold well above MSRP. AMD's Radeon GPUs weren't as popular for mining, so while they were still overpriced, they returned to retail price faster than Nvidia's cards once the chip shortage started to ease.

Of course, that means AMD probably isn't facing the same overstock situation as Nvidia right now, at least not to the same extent. If AMD can release its new RNDA 3 GPUs before Nvidia can release its own next-gen cards, Team Red has a strong chance of securing a larger slice of the market before Team Green catches up.

Frankly, I hope that's the case – the RTX 4000 looks really impressive, and if I were AMD I'd be worried. AMD has some nifty chip design plans for RDNA 3 up its sleeve, but regardless of which side releases its new GPUs first, I always encourage you to be patient and wait for the two new generations to become available so you don't run out. the buyer. remorse.

Oh, and don't buy an old mining GPU just because it's really cheap. No, I don't care what NFT shills on Twitter have to say about it; it's not worth the risk. Sure, a card from someone's little homemade mining rig probably won't die, but a GPU that has sweated its silicon in a warehouse alongside a hundred of his brothers? No, thanks.

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