Azure eats away at AWS leadership as

Cisco has released a new cloud-based observability platform in a potential blow to rivals like Dynatrace and New Relic One.

The networking giant says its new AppDynamics Cloud solution correlates telemetry data from all cloud environments, which can help detect and fix application performance issues.

Cisco says traditional monitoring approaches are breaking down in today's complex IT ecosystems, where teams must navigate a set of application dependencies through a combination of infrastructure, microservices, containers, and APIs using compute stacks. local, multiple cloud storage targets, SaaS services, and security. solutions

So what can you do?

In response to this, Cisco says the new tool allows organizations to protect their investment through ongoing data integrations with OpenTelemetry standards, as well as through vendor partnerships and cloud solutions.

OpenTelemetry is an open source project hosted by CNCF that provides a standardized way to generate telemetry data.

The networking giant says the new platform enables collaboration between teams such as DevOps and site reliability engineers (SREs), to achieve benchmarks such as service level objectives (SLOs) and organizational KPIs.

The networking giants say this will help businesses as business applications are increasingly built using DevOps initiatives and need to support distributed architectures and services.

Apparently, AppDynamics Cloud processes these metrics, events, logs, and traces (MELT), including network, databases, storage, containers, security, and cloud hosting services, to make sense of the current state of the entire computing stack.


Cisco says that current AppDynamics customers can upgrade to AppDynamics Cloud and use their existing application performance monitoring (APM) agents, or they can use both solutions simultaneously.

AppDynamics Cloud supports cloud-native and managed Kubernetes environments on Amazon WebServices (AWS), and Cisco says future expansion to Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and other cloud providers is on the horizon.

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