CEO de AWS adopte la nube y ahorre dinero y

The CEO of Amazon Web Services (AWS) has sought to attract companies from around the world in a bid to further push the state of the cloud.

Speaking during the keynote address at the company's AWS re:Invent 2022 event in Las Vegas, Adam Selipsky highlighted how using the cloud can be helpful for companies concerned about their financial situation.

"When it comes to the cloud, a lot of our customers know they should look into it," Selipsky said. “Cloud is more cost effective and many customers are saving 30% or more; if you want to buckle down, the cloud is the place to do it.”

cloud goals

In a far-reaching conference that spanned the vastness of space to the depths of the ocean, as well as the world of imagination, Selispky explained how AWS can be an essential partner for businesses at every stage of their cloud journey.

“Managing the scale and growth of data is both a huge challenge and an opportunity,” he noted. “You need a comprehensive set of tools that take into account the scale and variety of data. AWS is focused on developing all of these capabilities.

Admitting that “working with data is complicated,” Selipsky noted that the world will more than double the amount of data produced since the dawn of the digital age.

Data is "the cornerstone of almost any organization's digital transformation," Selipsky said, with the company's wide range of databases, analytics and other tools ideally placed to help companies move forward from all angles. sizes to make the most of this mountain of data.

Elsewhere, Selipsky addressed sustainability issues, which he called "the problem of our generation."

AWS has indicated a significant push toward going green in recent months, with the company announcing that re:Invent plans to run on 100% renewable energy by 2025, a goal that Selipsky says is already 85% met. The company also aims to become "water positive" by 2030 as it seeks to tackle climate change, which Selipsky says "is a problem for all of us."

“We are determined to be inventive and relentless as we work to make cloud the cleanest and most energy efficient way to run your entire infrastructure and business,” Selipsky said.

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