Companies using open core code would love to go fully open source, but face big hurdles that are slowing down the transition, according to a new report.

Surveying app development decision makers around the world, Instacluster says most companies see the benefits of open source code, namely cost savings (45%), the ability to port code more easily (38%) and have a large community of supportive developers (40%). %).

Other notable benefits include no license fees (41%) as well as full access to the application's source code (40%).

fighting with support

However, 70% of companies face cross-company strategy and support issues.

When it comes to cross-company strategy, 39% said it was inconsistent, changing from department to department. About a third (31%) said they lacked adequate support, while 29% cited a lack of internal skills as their biggest barrier to success.

Additionally, more than a quarter (29%) said they had difficulty moving existing code due to license lock-ins.

What is particularly interesting about the findings of this report is what open core users consider to be its biggest benefits. The open core builds on open source as its foundation, extending it with proprietary features that, in most cases, cost money.

That said, more than two in five (41%) cited lower risk as their top benefit, 39% greater efficiency, and 33% easier transitions to the cloud. For the authors of the report, these are all forces that come from the open source part of the solution, and not from proprietary additions.

The majority of respondents (84%) who already use open source solutions also said they were interested in hiring a third-party managed services consultant to help support their open source implementations. For more than two thirds of the respondents (68%), the consultant would focus mainly on security. For 66%, scalability, and for 65%, more or less, everything.

Via: VentureBeat

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