Capcom has released an official statement for Resident Evil 3 Remake regarding (*7*) new game system requirements for Steam.

According to the statement, after installing the update patch, (*7*) players will only be able to play the Steam version of Resident Evil 3 on Windows 10, while previously (*7*) players with Windows 7 and 8.1 could play it before. Not only that, but (*7*) DirectX and graphics requirements have completely changed as well.

According to Capcom, those who want to continue playing the current version of the title will have to choose the "Go Offline" option every time they start the game. The company also warned that once the update is applied, it will not be possible to restore to the previous version. , even through an uninstall.

Players who buy a game with DRM attached are always at risk of being removed or, as in this case, having unwanted patches applied. But many accept it as a necessary part of (*7*) PC gaming, especially when it comes to prices that are often much cheaper than (*7*) console gaming.

However, Capcom's announcement is a reminder that (*7*) DRM games are not entirely yours and can be changed or revoked at any time. And while refund policies are becoming more common, they are not ubiquitous and can also be limited or revoked with little or no notice.

Meanwhile, a physical version of a console game with a higher price tag comes with the knowledge that once a player buys it, the game cannot be modified without their consent. And even the digital versions are harder to push than a PC game with DRM.

Regardless of your choice, it is of course important to understand all (*7*) risks associated with your environment.

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