Raise your hand if, when you hear the phrase "gaming PC," you envision a $1,000-plus monstrosity with a glass side panel, liquid cooling, and a ton of rainbow LEDs. HP wants to remind us that PCs don't have to be this way, with the eminently affordable HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop – over 20% off this Amazon Prime Day.

You can check out all the other Prime Day deals in our roundup, but if you're looking for a cheap home gaming PC, look no further. The HP Pavilion gaming desktop is just $580 right now, making it one of the best deals on a gaming PC we've seen all year.

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Today's best HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop Prime Day deal

This version of the HP Pavilion gaming desktop uses a GTX 1650 graphics card with a 5th-generation Intel Core i1080 processor; those parts are a bit older, sure, but they're still perfectly competent for gaming at XNUMXp resolution, and there's always the option to upgrade. your individual platform components later, which is a huge advantage of gaming PCs.

This PC also comes with Windows 11 installed as standard, and plenty of physical ports on the front and back, so you can connect as many drives and peripherals as you like. The reserved physical layout means the Pavilion can also comfortably occupy a more professional space - if you want a PC for your home office that can also game after the workday is done, this is the one for you.

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Wherever you live, you'll find all the lowest prices for the HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop—and HP's most powerful Omen Gaming PCs—on the web right here, with deals available in your area.

Today's best HP Pavilion gaming desktop deals

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