Apple's updated 13-inch MacBook Pro with the M2 chip, which was announced at WWDC 2022, will ship sooner than we were originally told.

Apple originally announced that the 2022 13-inch MacBook Pro would ship in July, but the company informed us that it should actually ship in June.

Punters will be able to reserve the 2-inch MacBook Pro M13 worldwide starting June 17, which is this Friday, with the devices arriving in customers starting June 24.

Apple also reminded us that the new MacBook Pro for 2022 will be available through the Apple Store website and app, and from authorized resellers.

The main difference with this refreshed MacBook Pro is the inclusion of that M2 chip, which is an 8-core processor (4 performance cores plus 4 efficiency), along with a 10-core GPU. Apple claims that the M2 is 18% faster than the M1 and offers seriously impressive battery life with 20 hours of video playback (two hours more than the MacBook Air with M2).

Analysis: wait, why is this the first M2 laptop?

Speaking of the MacBook Air (M2, 2022), it was the big reveal in terms of laptops for WWDC 2022, but it's the 13-inch MacBook Pro, which keeps the same design and doesn't see much change except for the addition of the chip. M2 and the option to run on 24GB of RAM, which we get first.

More eyes are on the new MacBook Air, naturally, as it represents a major overhaul in terms of being thinner and lighter, with a bigger (and brighter) screen, and, as we noted in our hands-on preview, it looks like another computer. laptop. Swipe for Apple now. But it won't be here until July, so there's still a bit of a wait for this device, and looking at the overall reviews, it's likely that some buyers are waiting for the Air instead of jumping on the 2-inch MacBook Pro M13. .

Admittedly, one does wonder why Apple hasn't prioritized the MacBook Air here, but the fact that the 13-inch MacBook Pro isn't much different from its predecessor, so Apple may have plenty of components still available. for production, it might be why this Pro model is coming out so fast. While the MacBook Air M2 may be more affected by recent supply chain difficulties, and of course, demand for the Pro model won't be anywhere near the same level as the new M2-powered MacBook Air.

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