Do you want to gain muscle quickly and effectively? Do you exercise vigorously for it? The best solution to achieve the desired results in sports is to buy Boldenone. The product works exceptionally well for its main purpose: to pump your muscles and increase your strength parameters. It is an anabolic steroid, making it a popular product among strength athletes and runners.

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Boldenone is a generic version of the popular anabolic Nandrolone Decanoate, used by bodybuilders to help improve their workout results. Many of the characteristics of both substances are the same. However, Boldenone is more effective: its action is much more powerful than that of Deca. It is not recommended to take

The patent for the invention of Boldenone was obtained by Ciba in 1949. The manufacturer then spent almost twenty years experimenting with ester substances. Research led to the development of Undesilenate, which had the longest half-life. The steroid was called Parenabol. However, it did not stay long in the pharmacological market. By the late XNUMXs, it was no longer available. But Boldenone's story didn't end thanks to Squibb. The company made a steroid for veterinary use called Equipoise. At present, almost all AAS manufacturers produce boldenone bodybuilding, since the patent has expired.

Safety of the use of anabolics

The action of Boldenone is completely similar to that of testosterone. Its androgenic effect is several times lower than that of testosterone. Estrogenic activity is moderate; the active substance hardly aromatizes, which prevents the accumulation of fat and does not cause edema due to fluid retention in the body. The product is safe and has no toxic effects on liver function.

Boldenone Effect

Bold (as athletes call it) is excellent for track and field athletes, but also for those who already have enough muscle mass or who want to consolidate the results after the course aimed at gaining weight and shaping muscles.

Since boldenone is a long-acting product, it is only injected once a week. The effectiveness of the active substance is enhanced by the undisilenate ester, which remains in the blood for another 3 weeks.

The main action of the steroid lies in the quality of drying the muscles and giving the muscles a beautiful relief. Boldenone should be an excellent choice for athletes who want to get not only good looks, but great abs. Regarding its chemical composition, boldenone is a synthetic male sex hormone with less androgenic activity.

Among the effects that the drug has on the athlete's body are:

  • Increased appetite, which is important for gaining muscle mass;
  • Activation of anabolic processes;
  • Increase in quality muscle mass;
  • The development of the veins;
  • Creation of a beautiful topography;
  • Burn fat deposits;
  • Elimination of excess fluid from the body.

The main difference of the drug is that the steroid does not need an additional course of anti-estrogens. In addition, there is no decrease in libido, which allows the man to lead a normal sexual life.

Boldenone helps increase the production of red blood cells, which accelerates the transport of nutrients and oxygen to muscle fibers. As a result, training becomes effective and fatigue is significantly reduced. According to Boldenone reviews, which athletes give up after using this product, weight gain is of high quality, but it takes a long time. Since the undesylenate long ester is attached to the Boldenone molecule, a longer lasting effect and less pronounced muscle growth should be expected than with Nandrolone itself. This nuance also makes the duration of the course about 10 weeks.

Boldenone Steroid Profile

The anabolic boldenone is active for 15-20 days. Due to its weak aromatic tendency, Boldenone does not retain body fluids. This allows this AC to be used for quality weight gain. The product cannot be converted to dihydrotestosterone, which is a positive property. Modern doping control methods can detect Bold's metabolites in five months. In terms of anabolic activity it is equal to testosterone, and its androgenic activity is half that of the "test".

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