AWS uses AI to make contact centers smarter

AWS uses AI to make contact centers smarter

Amazon Web Services AWS has added new AI-powered features to its contact center service, Amazon Connect.

Amazon Connect is an omnichannel cloud contact center that serves businesses through an as-a-service model, allowing them to create their own contact center, add agents from around the world, and engage with customers.

The new tool, Amazon Connect Cases, is a new case management feature built into Amazon Connect that the tech giant says enables contact center agents to quickly track, collaborate and resolve customer cases.

What does it offer users?

Case management often involves many separate topics, including many different conversations with different agents. It's common to use case management tools to deal with this kind of complexity, but Amazon says that "adding case management tools introduces complex integration projects and costly development cycles that can take several months.

By circumventing these issues, Amazon Connect Cases apparently automatically creates a new case to track all associated calls, chats, and tasks each time the customer makes the initial contact.

Additionally, Amazon says that IVRs and chatbots can also leverage case data from Amazon Connect Cases to drive personalized self-service interactions, helping improve customer feedback.

When customers need to speak or chat with an agent, they are routed to the best available agent with the corresponding file attached according to Amazon, improving average handle time and first contact resolution.

The new tool also allows agents to manually create and resolve cases and assigned tasks, view and add case data, and make internal feedback within the agent app, according to Amazon.

AWS was also able to announce other new additions to its portfolio of customer services.

These included Amazon Lex, an artificial intelligence service that uses natural language models to help customers build, test, and deploy voice- and text-based conversational chatbots for applications or services like Amazon Connect.

Amazon also announced another tool called Amazon Connect Outbound Campaigns, which allows businesses to contact large numbers of customers via voice, text, and email for communications such as marketing promotions, appointment reminders, and notifications of upcoming deliveries without having to integrate a third party. -party tools.