If you're in business and looking for the best social media management tools (opens in a new tab) to increase your fortune, then Sendible is an ideal candidate to consider. It is a complete package that provides all the tools to manage social media campaigns, through an easy-to-use platform.

It has a variety of useful tools to get the job done, with the ability to schedule and queue your posts, as well as manage calendars to create controlled campaigns. The overall design and ease of use is intuitive, the focus is on reporting capabilities, and Sendible is also great value for money.

You can also choose from a selection of different packages, all of which have been created to help users harness the power of social media marketing. These range from very basic standalone options, with a more basic range of tools, to a full edition aimed at businesses that focus more on social media.

Packages and rates

Sendible has created a range of options in plans and prices, which means it is well suited to different sizes of business users. Pricing currently appears to be centered around the US or UK dollar, although there are also Sendible web portals for the UK, US and European markets. Presumably that means they can customize a product or package based on your location.

You can choose to pay monthly or annually, with a 15% savings offered to those who pay for the full twelve months at once. To illustrate typical package prices, we'll use monthly costs here, starting with the Creator Package (opens in a new tab). There is a free trial available and then it charges €29 per month. It is mainly aimed at freelancers and offers 1 user and 6 social profiles to operate.

Then there's the Traction package (opens in a new tab), which also comes with a free trial and is billed monthly at €89. Sendible suggests that it is aimed at agencies and emerging brands. Traction allows 4 users and has 24 social profile options. Sendible's Scale edition (opens in a new tab) is the most popular, with the ability to activate 7 users and 49 social profiles. It has a monthly cost of €199 and aims to grow agencies and brands.

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Finally, Sendible offers the Expansion Edition (opens in a new tab), which is just that, offering a fully expandable package aimed at large teams and agencies. It costs €399 per month, but there is also a free trial option and it offers the flexibility of 15 users and 105 social profiles which will clearly come in handy for growing businesses.

Basic characteristics

There are several key areas of Sendible, all of which should appeal to a business owner looking to dominate social media campaigns. Key areas of focus include editing, collaboration and analytics, with the ability to closely monitor campaign progress, via a carefully crafted dashboard-like layout.

Fortunately, each of the plans outlined above adds features and functions tailored to the particular target market. In theory, this means that you only pay for what you use, rather than having many tools that are never used. The standalone edition offers unlimited scheduling, scheduling and publishing, monitoring and response, and content suggestions and reporting.

professional features

Upgrade to the Traction package and you'll get all these options, plus team collaboration, post attribution and approval, user management, and a personalized demo to get you started. Similarly, the Scale edition includes everything in Traction, as well as automated client reporting, content and hashtag library, custom approval flows, and custom onboarding.

Meanwhile, the expansion features include everything in the scaling plan, as well as white labeling, the ability to manage client permissions, merge labels, and you also get a dedicated account manager. This can only be very useful in a busy and growing social media management department.


(Image credit: Sendible)


(Image credit: Sendible)

Interface and in use

Sendible can be used to tackle all of your social media management challenges and therefore supports all of the usual suspects. It can be integrated with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and just about anyone. To do this effectively, Sendible has created a great little user interface that is both easy to use and powerful.


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At the heart of Sendible's efficient nature is its dashboard area. It contains all the basic tools you use during daily activities. It's also crucial for setting up and managing campaigns, with menu options for scheduling and queuing posts. You can also tap into published material, check for changing activity levels, and then monitor the results. Everything is very simple, even in the most robust editions.


Not everyone is ready or able to get started when embarking on a social media marketing journey. On that note, we like how Sendible has gone out of its way to help beginners and seasoned pros alike, as well as solo freelancers, while also providing plenty of support for those in the upper echelons. In fact, there are multiple information options that can be found on the Sendible support site.

We also like how easy it is to dive in and see how other users fared with their Sendible experience. This is often a great way to identify potential problems. This is especially true if you work in a collaborative environment or have new hires who may not know how things work.

Unsurprisingly, Sendible support staff can also be contacted directly, and the support center offers plenty of options in this regard.


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Sendible covers a lot of bases on the social media management front. There is also something that fits any type of budget. However, it is worth remembering to check out other social media alternatives. Take a look at Hootsuite, SocialPilot, Buffer, eClincher, Statusbrew, Loomly, and Zoho Social, all of which are perfectly decent competitors worth investigating.

final verdict

Sendible offers a good selection of different plan options for those with ambitions to improve their social media profile. For campaign purposes, it has all the tools, especially if you are an agency or company with high social aspirations. It's easy to see why the Sendible Scale package is the most popular, as it's packed with great tools that will appeal to many.

Crucially, there is a rock-solid reporting capability, which all too often will be critical in determining the return you will get on your monthly or yearly investment.

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