Asignación de ingresos comerciales: aprovechar al máximo su tiempo libre

Unlike traditional financial markets, crypto markets operate 24/7 without a break, which means that it is impossible to be constantly awake and ready to follow the latest developments.

The global nature of the crypto industry means that anything can happen at any time, anywhere in the world.

This, among many other reasons, means that crypto markets can be notoriously difficult to trade.

However, there is a new project, currently in pre-sale, that is revolutionizing the cryptocurrency trading space.

Automate trading strategies with Dash 2 Trade(*2*)

Dash 2 Trade, which has now raised over $10,1 million in pre-sale for its D2T token, is designed to make trading crypto markets easier than ever.

In addition to offering a variety of signals to its users (making it easy to evaluate technical analysis and social sentiment), the Dash 2 Trade platform allows traders to easily automate their own trading strategies.

This means that once certain conditions are met, a transaction will be automatically executed on behalf of the user.

Those who wish to test the historical performance of their trading strategies can use the platform's innovative backtesting feature.

Invest in presale with Dash 2 Trade (*2*)

Access to the Dash 2 Trade platform is prioritized and requires a subscription that is paid monthly in D2T token.

For the most basic access to the dashboard, there's the free tier, which is open and available to everyone.

For the beginner level a monthly subscription of 400 D2T is required and for the professional level a monthly subscription of 1.000 D2T is required.

To do this, users also have the option to participate as investors in pre-sales, instead of being mere traders.

There is little time left in presale (*2*)

There isn't much time left in the Dash 2 Trade pre-sale, which has now managed to raise over €10.1 million.

There isn't much time left in the Dash 2 Trade pre-sale before it starts trading on centralized exchanges – those wishing to participate in the pre-sale should head to the Dash 2 Trade website as soon as possible.

After the pre-sale is over, it has already been confirmed that the D2T token will appear on Changelly, BitMart and LBank.

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