The 2020 MLB season continues this week despite fears that it could end up being suspended once again if players aren't more careful. The Houston Astros travel to Phoenix, where they face the Arizona Diamondbacks in a three-game interleague series. Game one kicks off today at Chase Field and we've got all the details on how to watch MLB online and get an Astros vs Diamondbacks live stream no matter where you are in the world right now.

Astros vs Diamondbacks Cheat Sheet

The Astros vs. Diamondbacks is a three-game AL West/NL West series with coverage available on AT&T SportsNet SW throughout Houston and on Fox Sports Arizona in the Phoenix area. You can always grab a VPN like this to take all your favorite streaming services with you, wherever you are.

The Astros have won five of the nine games they have played so far this season and the team is currently ranked second in the AL West. Over the weekend, the team traveled to Los Angeles, where they faced the Angels in a three-game series that they won despite losing Saturday's game 4-5. # #

The Astros won't be back in Houston until next week when they face the Giants at home, but before then they'll take on the Oakland Athletics in another three-game series. Fortunately, the team got a well-deserved rest day on Monday, as the last three games they've played have lasted more than four hours each.

Meanwhile, the Diamondbacks have won just three games so far this season and the team is currently in last place against the NL West. Arizona hosted the Dodgers for the team's opening game, and although they won one game of the four-game series, they simply couldn't keep up with their NL West rivals. In fact, they didn't even score a single point on Sunday as the Dodgers beat the Diamondbacks 2-11 on Saturday. While there are no fans in attendance for this week's series against the Astros, perhaps Arizona can capture a bit of a home court advantage.

If you're an Astros fan in Houston, a Diamondbacks fan in Phoenix, or just want to watch some baseball at Chase Field this week, we'll show you how to get a live stream of all three Astros vs Diamondbacks games. series this week.

How to watch the Astros vs Diamondbacks from outside your country

If you're in the States tonight, getting an Astros vs Diamondbacks live stream is only easy if you're based in the Houston or Phoenix areas, and have cable TV because it's only Wednesday's game. It will be broadcast nationally. If so, you'll find coverage of the game on local television, with the option to stream online via the channel's website.

However, anyone outside the country could face more difficulties, as geoblocking will prevent you from seeing the same services and content that you would normally do at home, even if you pay for them.

Fortunately, there is a solution in the form of a VPN - useful software that will allow you to regain access to your normal baseball live stream, no matter where in the world you are. It does this by redirecting your device's IP address to a location of your choice - in this case, probably in the United States, but maybe somewhere else.

This feature also means that VPNs are great for bypassing market blocking restrictions, making them something every MLB fan should have in their portfolio. But which one should you swing for?


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Astros vs Diamondbacks Live Stream: How to Watch MLB Online in the US

Only one of the games in this week's Astros vs Diamondbacks series has been selected for national television, so you will need to go to your local sports broadcaster to see the market if you want to watch the game on Tuesday and Thursday.

In Houston, that means AT&T SportsNet SW, which is available to watch online by signing in with your cable provider's credentials or with an internet streaming service. In Phoenix, these games will air on Fox Sports Arizona (FSA) and you can also watch them online with cable TV or stream them online.

Of all the available OTT deals, only fuboTV ($54.99/m) will give baseball fans in Houston access to AT&T SportsNet SW. Baseball fans in Phoenix, on the other hand, have plenty of OTT options available to watch Fox Sports Arizona, as the channel is available on Hulu with Live TV ($54.99 p/m), YouTube TV ($64.99). p/m) and AT&T TV Now (€55 p/m). However, YouTube TV is your best bet because in addition to FSA, you also get all four cable channels that carry game shows across the country: ESPN, Fox Sports, TBS, and the MLB Network.

The out-of-market option is the excellent MLB.TV, which will let you watch every MLB season game online for a one-time payment of $59.99 (or $49.99 for a single team). But there's a big problem in the fact that their entire broadcast is subject to local blackouts, so Astros and Diamondbacks fans in Houston and Phoenix won't be able to watch this week's games unless they are. 'don't use a VPN according to our previous guidance.

Diamondbacks vs Astros Live Stream: How to Watch MLB Online in the UK

BT Sport owns the TV rights to MLB UK shares until 2021 and you will find all the channels you need available through BT's many televisions, or as a supplement to them. Sky TV and Virgin Media customers.

If you are not yet a BT Sport subscriber, you can still access the content of the network without locking yourself into a lengthy contract by signing up for a monthly subscription for € 25.

However, BT does not show any of this week's Diamondbacks vs Astros series, which start late in the UK at 2:10 am on Tuesday and Wednesday and at 12:07 am on Thursday.

This means that UK fans of the Diamondbacks, Astors or just baseball in general will have to turn to MLB.TV to watch Diamondbacks vs Astros live. MLB's streaming service is available in Blighty, where it's around $50 for complete plays and the ban rules obviously don't apply.

How to watch the Astros vs Diamondbacks: live stream from MLB in Canada

This week's Astros vs Diamondbacks series is unlikely to air on Canadian television due to the resumption of basketball and hockey, so your only option to watch it online is through MLB.TV.

That's not a bad thing though, as € 59.99 will give you live access to almost every regular season game (only the Blue Jays are prone to power outages in Canada and there is always VPN solution for these) - more playoff and World Trials coverage.

Additionally, MLB.TV gives you the option to comment on the home or away team, offers companion apps for almost any modern device, and provides a super smooth 60fps stream for excellent picture quality.

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