We've got a new look at Stormgate, the upcoming free-to-play RTS from a team of former StarCraft 2 veterans, as developer Frost Giant has released its first update to the game.

First revealed during the Summer Game Fest 2022 main showcase, Stormgate received a follow-up preview during the PC Gaming Show (opens in a new tab). In a short video, Frost Giant walks through the ins and outs of the upcoming RTS, picking out some of its most innovative aspects and showing off a very, very brief snippet of gameplay.

Billed as the "next evolution" of the RTS genre, Stormgate looks to take heavy inspiration from StarCraft 2. It will see a technologically advanced human race take on an invading alien species, feature three playable factions at launch, lean heavily on competitive . multiplayer, being free to play and offering you a game editor to create custom levels and game modes. All of these features will be familiar to anyone who has tried their hand at Blizzard's classic sci-fi RTS.

Set in a distant post-apocalyptic future where humanity must defend Earth from demonic aliens, the Infernals, Frost Giant says that Stormgate mixes fantasy with science fiction. The story appears to be central to the game and will be told through an ongoing series of campaign missions that expand on its plot. It sounds like a live service model, where seasonal updates are used to expand a game's content and lore through ever-increasing downloadable content.

New story chapters will be released "regularly," bringing new skirmish maps, additional units to command, and competitive modes. You'll be able to play the entire campaign alone or in co-op, while a co-op mode will let you command units of customizable heroes against AI opponents.

Take a look at the video update below.

Frost Giant hopes that these cooperative elements will make Stormgate a "social RTS", spawning dedicated communities like those that surround the most popular MOBAs. You'll likely also be hoping to emulate the eSports success achieved by StarCraft 2, with amateur and professional multiplayer tournaments built into Stormgate at launch. They will cover various leagues for different levels of experience.

Stormgate will be completely free to play but, as the video points out, it wants to present itself as free. Beta testing will begin in the middle of next year and you can sign up for access on the Stormgate website (opens in a new tab).

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