Apple quietly released a patent for a new waterproof technology in April this year, which now makes sense given the advanced fitness metrics and multisport capabilities of watchOS9.

The patent, which we're covering at the time of publication, features a "smart water sensor" that uses a thin membrane to detect if water has entered the device. This system is said to be more precise than Apple's current water-resistance technology, allowing it to safely stop or automatically run water ejection programs.

Apple Watch Series 7 currently has a water resistance rating of 50 meters under ISO 22810:2010 (opens in a new tab). In theory, the new water detection systems would allow Apple Watch users to dive even deeper or spend even more time in the water with greater safety.

From what we've seen in watchOS9, it looks like Apple is getting into the adventure watch space, going up against Casio G-Shock and Garmin. We've written before about Apple's move into Garmin's space with its execution metrics.

(Image credit: Apple)

However, now we see the big picture with that all but forgotten patent and watchOS9's new multi-sport option for triathletes, which would allow you to seamlessly switch between swimming, cycling and running.

Apple also implements a SWOLF score for swimmers, which tracks a stroke count combined with the time, in seconds, it takes to swim a standard pool length.

It looks like Apple has water on their brains this round, and could be gearing up for some really rough adventures. Of course, the biggest hurdle to that is that Apple Watches are sleek, expensive, and significantly less durable than rugged Garmins and virtually indestructible G-Shocks.

Wrapping yourself in something that adequately absorbs shock with a military aesthetic would be a new direction for the Apple Watch 8. Apple is no stranger to releasing limited-edition watches, like the Nike colorways for the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch. 7.

A rugged Apple Watch with a carbon fiber, rubber, or stainless steel case could be the perfect option to continue moving in this new direction.

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