Apple iPhone XR is now assembled in India

Apple iPhone XR is now assembled in India

Apple's iPhone XR is being assembled in India after photos of phone booths labeled "Assembled in India" hit the internet. The iPhone XR was launched in 2018 and it remains one of the most affordable iPhones available in India.

Foxconn's Indian manufacturing unit has been tasked with assembling the phones locally, which is also in line with government guidelines for supply standards. It will also help Apple soon open its retail stores in India, which the Cupertino giant has been pursuing for quite some time.

Following the recent announcement of Apple's new range of iPhone 11s, the XR has benefited from discounts at various Amazon India and Flipkart sales events. The iPhone XR detail can be found at Rs 44.900 during the current sale on Amazon, which is perhaps its best purchase price. Otherwise, the phone is priced at Rs 49.900 for the basic variant with 64GB in India.

Faced with increasing competition from other smartphone makers like OnePlus and Samsung, the fact that Apple is making its products locally could finally help drive prices down.

Apple iPhone XR is one of the best phones of the company after the recent range, it has excellent autonomy, a reasonable price and is available in different colors. It is a more affordable and fashion conscious iPhone. If you're still using an iPhone 6S or iPhone 7, this will be a great upgrade in terms of camera improvements, battery life, design, and display.